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If you have purchased a home or apartment, or are considering buying an existing home in or near Golden Beach, consider contacting The Jagan Group to discuss concrete polishing, sealing, epoxy flake flooring and decorative concrete coating options.


If you haven’t built your home yet, we can help you decide what type of floor is best for your home. Purpose laid concrete substrates allow you to choose what type of aggregate is embedded within your concrete floor. Working alongside your builder, concrete supplier, concreter and concrete polisher means you can select the stone and cement colours within your concrete floor. You can even use crushed glass to make unique colour enhancements. 

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    Concrete Grinding Preparation Golden Beach

    Concrete Grinding Golden Beach is essential in the preparation of your concrete floor before sealing and polishing. Before you think about a coating for your concrete floor, it is important to start with a good foundation. Concrete grinding is the first step in making sure your new flooring is flawless.

    The grinding process makes sure that all of the leftover glue and grout as well as any evidence of other imperfections have been removed. It may also expose blemishes, chips or cracks, making it clear which areas will need repair before any sealing, concrete polishing or epoxy flooring occurs.

    Concrete grinding can also help in repairing other imperfections including:




    Evidence of Stains

    Weather Erosion

    Rain Damage

    Why is concrete grinding & preparation important for Golden Beach floors?

    • The process of concrete grinding & preparation is important because it removes the top layer of concrete, which can be full of imperfections.
    • This process also creates a smooth surface, which is necessary for the proper adhesion of new coatings or overlays.
    • Additionally, concrete grinding can remove old sealers or paints from the surface of the concrete, allowing for a fresh start.
    • Finally, concrete grinding creates a profile on the surface of the concrete that helps new coatings to key in and bond properly.

    Our team are highly specialised in grinding and preparing concrete floors before sealing and polishing your floors. We take the upmost care in delivering high quality results to the Golden Beach area, preparing your floors and providing the right base before coating the concrete.



    Concrete Sealing Golden Beach

    Sealed concrete is one of the most in-demand and durable high quality flooring options available. It’s a great way to give your home or workplace a premium look and feel that lasts. As it is a natural stone resource, concrete is able to retain a comfortable room temperature all year round.

    Concrete sealing for Golden Beach homes involves applying a clear, gloss or matte superior resin over the top of your concrete flooring. The material used features a special chemically modified molecular structure which provides extreme durability and resistance against scratches, light impacts, heat, staining and UV light degradation.

    In addition, we can also provide a non-slip additive, providing it with great resistance and traction benefits. This ensures compliance with regulated corporate bodies for Golden Beach businesses.

    Concrete sealers are designed to protect concrete from the elements, staining and wear. When properly applied, sealed concrete will last for many years with only minimal maintenance required.

    There are many benefits of concrete sealing for homes in the Golden Beach. Sealed concrete floors are: 

    Prolongs the lifespan of the concrete

    Sealing protects concrete from water damage, salt damage, freeze-thaw cycles, staining, and wear. This can extend the life of your concrete surfaces by many years. Excellent for a concrete driveway.

    Enhances the appearance of concrete

    A high-quality sealer will enhance the natural beauty of concrete, giving it a richer, more lustrous appearance.

    Makes concrete easier to clean

    Sealed concrete is much easier to keep clean as the protective coating keeps dirt and provided excellent resistance against materials sticking to the floor. Just a quick mop is usually enough to clean a sealed concrete floor.

    When you choose concrete sealing as an option Golden Beach home, you have the option of a clear, gloss or matte resin to be applied over the exposed flooring. At Jagan, our resins feature chemically modified molecular structures, providing extra durability and resistance against scratching, heat, staining, UV. Non-slip additives are also available.  

    The Jagan Group are highly experienced and have completed a huge number of concrete sealing Golden Beach jobs to count. We provide exceptional quality products and services and comply with strict government guidelines to ensure the safety & professional conduct of each installation.

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    Concrete Polishing Golden Beach

    Concrete polishing is a great way to protect your flooring and have them look great for years to come. Polished concrete can protect your floors, making them resistant to any damage, scratching, heat, staining and UV light degradation. Purpose-laid concrete substrates allow you to choose what type of aggregate is embedded within your concrete floor.

    We have a range of different Golden Beach concrete polishing options when it comes to your colours and stones including full stone, random stone, salt and pepper stone or no stone exposure.

    The benefits of concrete polishing for Golden Beach floors

    There are many benefits to choosing polished concrete over other flooring options, including durability, low maintenance requirements and stylish finish of Golden Beach concrete polishing.

    Here are just some of the benefits of polished concrete:

    Durability: Polished concrete is extremely durable and can withstand heavy traffic without showing signs of wear and tear.

    Low maintenance: Unlike other flooring options, polished concrete does not require regular sealing or waxing. Simple mopping is usually sufficient to keep it clean.

    Stylish finish: Polished concrete can be given a variety of finishes, from a high gloss polished look to a more matte finish.

    While polished concrete has been popular in commercial and industrial settings across the Golden Beach including Bunnings, JB-HiFi or Dan Murphy’s due to its hard-wearing characteristics to withstand high foot and vehicle traffic, it is also becoming more popular in residential areas.

    Polished concrete is great to use in hallways, your garage floor, or even your living spaces.

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    Epoxy Flake Flooring

    Epoxy flake coatings for concrete flooring is a great option for both outside and inside your Golden Beach home or business. It is an extremely durable option designed to provide a high quality decorative finish that will stand the test of time even in high-traffic areas such as garages, driveways, pool surrounds, patios & pathways – anywhere that sees a lot of foot and vehicle traffic.

    Epoxy coating is formulated with properties resistant to chemicals, heat, UV, impact and abrasion, giving it a great life span with no hot tyre pick up.

    It is an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance flooring option available in non-slip options which provides an extra layer of safety to your workspace, business or home.

    We have 3 different epoxy flooring colour charts depending on which area you are adding it to including garage floors, internal floors and wet areas.

    Flake flooring is a great option for those who are looking to add a touch of style to their home or business.

    Epoxy Flake Flooring Benefits

    There are many benefits to epoxy flake flooring. Epoxy flake flooring:

    Is easy to clean and maintain.

    Is slip resistant.

    Is durable and can last for many years.

    Is available in a variety of colours and designs.

    Can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

    Is UV resistant and will not fade over time.


    Quality Concrete Services for Golden Beach Residents

    Bokarina features amazing diverse natural beauty – from golden, sandy beaches to mangrove forests. There are many housing options available for families at any stage – retirees, new families and established families can find something perfect for their needs. Whether you are building a new home or purchasing an existing home or apartment, get your indoor and / or outdoor flooring off to a great start with the wide variety of long-lasting, durable floor polishing, sealing, epoxy flake flooring and coating options available from The Jagan Group. The Jagan Group is based in Southeast Queensland and is the most experienced flooring contractor currently servicing Golden Beach and surrounding suburbs.

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