Step into an extension of your home that truly reflects your style. Our epoxy flake flooring colours are specially designed to give your internal spaces a unique charm. With a varied range of flake colours to choose from, you can create a floor that complements your garage. No longer just a space to park your car, with our epoxy floors, your garage transforms into a statement space. Dive in and see what catches your eye.


Blended coloured flakes to add an extension to your home.

Your garage isn’t just a place to park the car; it’s an extension of your home. With our epoxy floors designed for garage floors, you can transform this often overlooked space into an appealing area. Our range of flake colours is diverse, allowing you to create a floor that complements your garage and its conditions. Easy to clean and maintain, our garage floor coatings are installed with attention to detail, ensuring durability even in high-traffic conditions.

Black Granite (Small)

Black Granite (Small)

Frosty (Small)

Frosty (Small)

Glacier (Small)

Glacier (Small)

Grey Granite (Small)

Grey Granite (Small)

Moonlight (Small)

Moonlight (Small)

Oyster - Small

Oyster (Small)

Saffron - Small

Saffron (Small)

Seashell - Small

Seashell (Small)

Storm - Small

Storm (Small)

Sunset - Small

Sunset (Small)


Designed as an alternative option to polished concrete.

Looking for a unique flooring solution for your internal spaces? Our epoxy flooring offers a stunning alternative to polished concrete. With a seal that’s easy to maintain and a range of flake colours, you can design a floor that’s as unique as your taste. Our styles are created to suit different preferences, ensuring every client finds a coating that speaks to them. From stone-inspired styles to vibrant colour combinations, the options are diverse and designed for the Australian lifestyle.

graphite flake flooring


gem stone flake flooring

Gem Stone

grey stone flake flooring

Grey Stone

blue stone flake flooring

Blue Stone

real stone flake flooring

Real Stone

green stone flake flooring

Green Stone

quartz stone flake flooring

Quartz Stone

earth stone flake flooring

Earth Stone

fire stone flake flooring

Fire Stone

natural stone flake flooring

Natural Stone


Decorative non-slip finishes for internal & external wet environments. Fully certified flake with certificates available for Rating/s R10
and R12 to the Australian Slip Ratings Standard.

Wet areas require a special touch. With safety and style in mind, we offer epoxy flake flooring solutions perfect for both internal and external wet environments. Our flake flooring is not only decorative but also ensures slip resistance. Certified to Australian Slip Ratings Standard, we proudly offer certificates for Rating/s R10 and R12. This ensures our clients can achieve both style and safety in conditions where it’s essential. And as always, our flooring solutions are easy to clean and maintain.

Autumn Stone Grip


Aztec Stone Grip


Beach Stone Grip


Blue Metal Stone Grip

Blue Metal

Moss Stone Grip


Opal Stone Grip


Pewter Stone Grip


Red Earth Stone Grip

Red Earth

Sandstone Stone Grip


Volcanic Ash Stone Grip

Volcanic Ash

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