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The Jagan Group offers high quality, extremely durable and visually appealing epoxy flake flooring coating options to customers living in and around the Sunshine Coast down through Brisbane in Queensland. Our experienced and reliable team always deliver stunning results. We have a huge range of epoxy flake flooring options – check out our flake flooring gallery.


Epoxy flake flooring is a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is extremely durable and is designed to provide a decorative finish that will stand the test of time even in high traffic areas such as driveways, garages, shops, industrial units, showrooms, commercial kitchens, bars, schools, resorts, warehouses, bathrooms – anywhere that sees a lot of traffic. This floor coating option is formulated with chemical, heat, UV, impact & abrasion resistant properties. Our unique installation process ensures great life spans, excellent durability with no hot tyre pick up. It is an easy to clean low maintenance flooring option and is available in non-slip options, providing an extra layer of safety to your workspace or home.


Our flake concrete finishes are available in a wide range of colours and styles that emulate marble, granite and other natural stone palettes.


Our clients often have varying reasons for our services. Some are improving a property to add value that will provide quicker property sales, while others want to provide safe working conditions for their staff. Some clients want to have a decorative showroom finish that will complement and show off the rest of the property, and some require a low maintenance and durable flooring option. Whatever the reason, budgeting of improvements is important, so we provide variable warranty periods ranging from 1, 2, 5 and 10 years which allows us to customise your installation to your specific requirement.


Flake flooring installations average a 2-3 day turn around but are dependent on the warranty required, the condition of the concrete and the size of the area.


Our huge range of beautiful epoxy flake flooring options is a quick and affordable way to protect your indoor or outdoor concrete floors. We provide quality, reliable flake concrete coating and finishing services to customers across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Call us on 040 2345 925 now for more information and a free quote.

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