Concrete Sealing


One of the most sought-after floor types of this decade is the robust, low maintenance & contemporary polished concrete floor.


Featured on The Block and popular within luxury homes, it is no secret that polished concrete is one of the most in-demand and durable flooring options available. It’s a great way to give your home or workplace a premium look and feel that lasts. Concrete, being a natural stone resource, means that retaining a comfortable room temperature all year round is achievable, making your new flooring choice energy efficient.


There are two main ways a contemporary polished concrete look can be created, by concrete polishing or concrete sealing.


The Jagan Group offers both concrete sealing and concrete polishing to create this sleek and modern look, both of which begin with the concrete grinding and aggregate or stone exposure process. Once our team has reached your desired level of stone exposure we can then begin either sealing or polishing the concrete surface.


The more cost-effective option is the grind & seal process, in which a clear, gloss or matte superior-resin is applied over your grinded concrete floor. Reliance on the resin as a sacrificial protective coating means that over time you may see signs of wear or fading, depending on your level of use and care taken.


We understand the value of an investment, and this is why our resins feature chemically modified molecular structures. This provides extreme durability and resistance properties against scratching, light impacts, heat, staining and ultraviolet light degradation. Non-slip additives are also available, offering resistance and traction benefits. This ensures compliance with regulated corporate bodies. It is important to remember, a non-slip coating can increase maintenance and cleaning times.


The Jagan Group’s range of high-quality protective coatings enables us to warrant our concrete sealing process from 2 years up to 10 years.