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Following successful concrete floor preparation, you can choose to coat your floor with our range of coloured concrete coatings, giving you the ability to colour coordinate or create a bold contrast to your existing colour scheme. Individualise your space by making your new coated concrete floor unique and only limited by your imagination.



Concrete coatings give you a sense of freedom you don’t get with other flooring types. You are able to simply re-coat and change the colour of your floor whenever you want, as well as hide signs of wear and tear caused over time.


Feature walls are outdated. Feature floors are now the envy of your friends. We offer single colour resins or multiple coloured flake systems to give your floor a new look.


Our single colour and multi-coloured flake resins are available in either gloss or matte finishes complementing your interior or patio flooring style.


Single colours are often used in industrial spaces, warehouses and garage environments to protect the concrete substrate from vehicle degradation and to create an easy-to-clean surface.


Multiple coloured flake options are great for showrooms, commercial shop fit outs and both interior and exterior residential environments. A stunning stone-like impression is achievable with an epoxy flooring or superior resin system.


The Jagan Group’s range of high-quality protective coatings enables us to warrant our installations from 2 years up to 10 years.


Our resins feature chemically modified molecular structures. This provides extreme durability and resistance properties against scratching, light impacts, heat, staining and ultraviolet light degradation. Non-slip additives are also available, offering resistance and traction benefits. This also ensures compliance with regulated corporate bodies. It is important to remember, a non-slip coating can increase maintenance and cleaning times.


Installation times can vary depending on the circumstances of your project. Timeframes are negotiated during the design process to ensure we can meet your expectations.

Decorative Concrete Coatings and Polishing

Decorative Concrete Coating

Decorative Concrete Coating

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